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suction cup dog toy
suction cup dog toy
suction cup dog toy
suction cup dog toy

Suction Cup Dog Toy

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The Suction Cup Dog Toy is an ultra-durable, chewable, tug dog toy that attaches to any smooth surface so your dog can play tug even when you’re not home. Made of food grade rubber material, it is soft and non-toxic, durable and wear-resistant, a must have for all dogs!


  • The suction cup dog toy is made of safe, food grade rubber that is nontoxic, and wear resistant.
  • Extra-strong suction.The suction cup sticks to the floor, wall, or any smooth surface. When your dog grabs and pulls, it won’t let go.
  • Cleans teeth.This is pretty cool. The suction cup dog toy cleans your dog’s teeth as they gnaw on it!
  • Ultra-durable.The suction cup dog toy is made to last and won’t break, snap, or unravel no matter how hard your dog pulls on it or how sharp their teeth are.
  • Non-toxic.There’s nothing in here than can hurt your fur baby. No toxins, chemicals, or anything else you wouldn’t want.

The suction cup dog toy is flexible, and interactive, and keeps your dog entertained while also expending excess energy therefore reducing destructive behavior. A win-win all around!!

Play tug of war with your dog by holding the suction end and your dog can grab the toy end!

When you’re not home, secure the suction cup and your dog can play all on their own. It stops them from getting bored when you’re not there and keeps them happy.


Material: Rubber + TPR + Cotton fiber rope

suction cup dog toy

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