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cat grooming bag, cat bath bag
cat grooming bag, cat bath bag
cat grooming bag, cat bath bag

Cat Grooming Bag

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Cat Grooming Bag 

Does your cat get easily frightened or scratch during grooming? The Cat Grooming Bag is specially designed to put an end to clawing and scratching, and will let you groom, trim nails and bathe your cat with ease!

The Cat Grooming Bag is an awesome scratch-resistant bag that will let you groom your cat without getting scratched by your cat!

Made of high-quality breathable mesh that easily lets water and shampoo through for a bath, the Cat Grooming Bag won’t bother or hurt your cat and will help keep them still and unable to scratch, while you finish your job. 

Whether you want to trim their nails, give a bath, or medicine, the Cat Grooming Bag means no scratches for you! 

Typically, cats hate treatments, examinations and administrations for their eyes and ears. This Cat Grooming Bag bag helps with the physical examination and treatment of cats.

cat grooming bag



The Cat Grooming Bag is 46 cm in width and 35 cm in height. The neck is 30 cm with a safety chord to adjust for size. The feet is 10 cm wide. Large enough and easily adjusts for all cat sizes.


cat grooming bag


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